Current and Past Projects

LOUISIANA Exploration

 Louisiana is the 5th largest producer of crude oil and the 4th largest producer of natural gas in the United Sates. South Louisiana is particularly oil prone, having produced over 12 BB barrels of oil* since 1945.

Since late 2009, Ridge’s Eocene ventures have caused the leasing/optioning of almost 115K acres over three South Louisiana Parishes. Almost $130MM has been allocated for land, seismic, and drilling to further the exploration efforts in these areas.

Ridge Resources, LLC is also presently generating exploration and development opportunities in the liquids-rich Eocene and shallow Miocene trends of South Louisiana.


Ridge is developing a 2000 acre liquids-rich Paradox Formation project in Southwestern Colorado. This 10-15 well exploitation opportunity will target Ismay algal mounds identified on modern 3-D seismic. With EUR’s ranging from 150-300 MBO, and $900K dry hole costs, the economics will be robust.

Ridge is actively seeking industry partners for a variety of well documented exploration ventures.


JP Prospect


Western Beauregard Parish, La

Project Highlights:

Normal pressure, vertical, land locations

9 prospective sands

5-10 locations

2014 3D seismic survey

High oil rates

Geologic Summary

JP Prospect is located in 4 south, 12 west of western Beauregard Parish, LA (3 miles ESE of Bon Weir, Tx). This normally pressured project includes multiple locations up-dip from multiple of oil bearing lower Wilcox sands in Alligator Lake field. The first location will twin the 2001 PMO (Petromax) Martin #5 well. The Martin #5 has several productive sands which were never completed by PMO, and at least 3 highly perspective deeper Wilcox field pays sands never reached by this well.

Very poor operational procedures, low oil prices ($21-$22), and ineffective use of fracture stimulation lead to significant undrained reserves at Alligator Lake Field. While modern 3D reprocessing by eSeis, Inc has indicated an updip area of substantial untested reserves.

The Middle and Lower Wilcox sands at Alligator Lake field exhibit very similar petrophysical properties as nearby Neale Field, which averaged ~330 MBO/1 BCF per well from the Middle/Lower Wilcox (~60 Completions).

Multi-stage fracture stimulation performed on large zonal definitions will allow for the co-mingling of multiple Lower Wilcox sands at high oil rates, creating excellent economics even at modest oil prices.

Project Summary

  • 8 Lower Wilcox Objectives: 75-85% liquids;  1 Middle Wilcox Objective: 55% liquids
  • Depth: 12,250’ TVD, normal pressure
  • Risked Reserve Est (1st Location): 393 MBO + 1.4 BCF   Project Reserves (Risked): 7 MMBO, 12 BCF
  • DHC: $1.48 MM    Completion: $810K      Frac Cost:  ~$90K/stage
  • Analog well: Callery & Hurt Inman B-1 (adjacent Bon Weir Fld): 494 MBO + 3.3 BCF  (Mid/Lower Wx)
  • The 2014 3D data set is reviewable by appointment in Dallas, Texas


  • 1st Well: 40% ROI, $2 MM Pv10
  • Program: 60% ROI, $17MM Pv10


  • Key Exploration and Operating Company. President – Bill Guidry. Lafayette, La 337-233-9445


  • Ridge Resources LLC currently controls 800 acs from Olympia Minerals (OML Base Lease VI). Ridge is also in negotiations with Blackstone Minerals for an additional 80 acres.


  • Union Gas Corp owns a dormant 4” infield line, and Enerfin Resources owns a 10” Trunkline ~2 miles northeast of the JP Prospect. Line pressures of both pipelines are TBD.

Proposed Deal Terms

  • Participant will pay $490,000.00 as compensation for all sunk costs in leases, brokerage, Prospect Fee, and state-of-art 3D reprocessing be eSeis, Inc; Payment schedule includes:
  • $10,000.00 in earnest money (proportionally reduced)
  • $150,000.00 upon a signed PSA
  • $330,000.00 upon running production casing on the first completion
  • 10% carry to the tanks on the first well, and 15% carry to the tanks on the second well; heads up afterwards.
  • Ridge will deliver a 75% Net Revenue Interest on the Olympia acreage.

Download JP Prospect Executive Summary HERE

Thisco 8 Prospect


Washington Field, St Landry Parish, La


Multiple Frio Sands

Project Highlights:

Normal pressure, land locations

3-5 prospective sands

Large upside

PUD Location

Geologic Summary

The Frio T-8 prospect is located in Washington field (Sec 60, 4S/4E) in St. Landry Parish, La, 30 miles north of Lafayette, La. Washington field was discovered in 1952, and has produced ~16 MMBO from 12 different Frio sands (less than 30 completions). These upper Eocene sands were deposited in a high energy deltaic environment, providing outstanding porosities and permeability’s.

The targeted reservoirs are associated with an independent 4-way closure within a larger downthrown East-West trending anticline. The T-8 location well constitutes an attic opportunity updip to prolific analog production, with the upside of capturing unproduced reserves due to improper field management, coning, etc. The two primary targets (F and G-3 sands), have produced 1.3 MMBO immediately downdip.

Due to wetlands issues, the T-8 is planned to be a 1600’ build and hold slant hole. The hook-up time will be quick, due to relatively short distances and easy access to existing Key Operating’s production and process facilities in the area. We anticipate the T-8 well being on production in less than 45 days after spud.

Project Summary

  • 3-5 Frio Sands
  • Depth: 7950’ MD, 7750’TVD
  • Risked Reserve Est: 560 MBO
  • DHC: $920K    Completion: $600K      
  • Analog well: Sohio Thistlewaite #22 (Sec 60): 843 MBO (F Sand)


  • Key Exploration and Operating President – Bill Guidry. Lafayette, La 337-233-9445


  • T-8 Prospect is controlled by a single landowner, therefore it’s anticipated to produce the well a lease basis.

Proposed Deal Terms

  • Participant will pay $250,000.00 as compensation for all sunk costs in leases, brokerage, Prospect Fee, and 3D seismic. Monies will be due upon a signed PSA.
  • 15% carry to the tanks
  • 72% Net Revenue Interest

Download T-8 Prospect Executive Summary HERE

Red Dragon Strategic Alliance

Ridge Resources is teaming with Red Dragon Exploration, a subsidiary of eSeis, Ink – one of the top 3D seismic reprocessing companies in North America. Specifically, Ridge has brought 200 square miles of under-explored 3D data in oil-rich Beauregard Ph, La. to Red Dragon for their full cycle petrophysical and AVO evaluation. Ridge and eSeis has secured a six month exclusivity period of the final product, which will then be marketed to the Industry on a select basis. Between 60-80 solid leads had already been established via 2D and subsurface work, with an ultimate resource exceeding 30 MMBO in our project area.

Past Projects

HalcÓn Divestiture

Ridge Resources and Century Exploration Houston joined forces to market a large South Louisiana Wilcox drilling portfolio to Halcón Resources. Nine different project areas covering 20K acres were divested, representing an NPV of almost $300MM. A ~175 square mile 3D for predominately Eocene formations was also part of the divestiture.

In late 2013, Halcón Resources decided to convert 100% of their portfolio to resources plays, therefore; they elected to monetize their onshore Tertiary trend. With the assistance of Ridge Resources, Will-Drill Resources recently acquired these properties and have successfully completed 2 Wilcox wells.


In early 2010, Ridge optioned ~40,000 Olympia Mineral acreage for the purpose of shooting a 130 square 3D survey to evaluate Frio, Cockfield, and Wilcox targets. EP Energy (formally El Paso Corporation) purchased the project and eventually shot 150 squares.

Pre-3D reserve estimates for the Cypress Creek area were 10-15 MMBOE. The primary objectives included Middle/Lower Wilcox and secondary objectives consist of Upper Wilcox and Cockfield. Depending on the 3D results, over 50 locations are prospective with estimated EUR’s averaging 250-300 MBOE/well.

Ridge anticipates royalty divestment opportunities during EP Energy’s drilling phase. Ridge will be interested in soliciting potential industry partners.

*Louisiana Department of Natural Resources website

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