Exploration and Prospect Generation

 The Ridge Exploration Team is currently focused on the generation and evaluation of oil and gas prospects in the Eocene Wilcox, Sparta, Cockfield, and Frio Formations of South Louisiana and East Texas. We generate developmental and wildcat individual prospects, as well as evaluate large lease tracks for 3D applicability. Essentially, Ridge Resources specializes in prospect generation with big-picture schematics.

We estimate risk and rank prospects based on trap integrity, timing, seal quality, reservoir rock quality, and stratigraphy. The results are summarized in a final report with recommendations.

To determine the most attractive and prolific regional trends and traps we independently cross-correlate regional facies variations and trapping mechanisms to the regional cumulative oil and gas production. For calibration, prospects are compared to nearby analogous fields.

Ridge Resources can be contracted on a hourly or daily basis. Specific rates are variable depending on the size and scope of the project. Ridge Resources also welcomes joint ventures whereby sweat equity is leveraged for participation.

Services include but are not limited to;

  • Prospect Generation
  • Prospect Risk Analysis
  • Prospect Marketing
  • Regional Trend Analysis
  • 3D Shoot Marketing and Validation
  • Historical Production and Completion Analysis


Wilcox/ Sparta Trend Study

Utilizing SONRIS, IHS, and Drillinginfo, Ridge is continuously compiling statistical information for every post 1965 South Louisiana Eocene completion. Individual fields are ranked by cumulative production and average barrels/well. Wilcox Drilling Activity and Completion Reports are updated weekly.

Every South Louisiana field with greater than two completions is analyzed for re-development potential and 3D applicability. In total, over 40 fields have been ranked by multiple criterion.

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